In October 2013, Cisco closed around the $2.7 billion purchase of Sourcefire. Ever since, Cisco was integrating Sourcefire’s technology. Now Cisco finally entirely embraces the Sourcefire technologies from the Firm’s brand new Cisco Firepower NGFW, rather literally another generation of Cisco’s network defense midsize technology

Scott Harrell, Vice President of Product Management, Security Business Group in Cisco, clarified the Cisco Firepower NGFW is a completely integrated platform which includes firewall, IPS and URL filtering capabilities in addition to integration outside to fasten endpoints. Furthermore, Cisco’s danger telemetry data is incorporated into the Firepower NGFW. The managing of risk information and the safety workflow is also enhanced.

“When we purchased Sourcefire two decades back, we knew it’d be a trip to get to the stage,” Harrell informed Enterprise Networking PlanetEarth. “Many business analysts were doubtful of Cisco’s capacity to deliver Sourcefire’s technology jointly with technologies such as our classical ASA firewall and for this launch, we are saying we got it”

On the previous two decades, Cisco was incorporating Firepower attributes to the ASA product lineup. In September 2014, Cisco additional Firepower providers from Sourcefire into Cisco ASA firewalls. At the moment, Harrell explained the Sourcefire Firepower providers can be utilized to substitute a current Cisco IPS service operating on the ASA.

Together with the newest Firepower NGFW, Harrell explained that an present ASA 5500 could be updated via software to the new picture. Also a number of the old Firepower appliances may also be updated to the new picture. Historically, ASA was largely only a firewall and Firepower was largely only an IPS, but with Firepower NGFW, both worlds are coming together.  There are now many implementations working in organisations across the world to handle complex communications like streaming UK TV into Spain for example.

The crux of the Firepower NGFW is a brand new Linux operating system supply. Harrell explained that Cisco is calling its newest Linux powered operating system FXOS ( Firepower eXtensible Running System). The brand new FXOS introduces service-chaining capacities which may help allow a safety review and remediation workflow.

Chaining and comprehension context is further improved through the integration of the Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE). Harrell clarified the Firepower is now able to consume ISE info about users and coverage. Also the integration of ISE and Firepower allows rapid danger containment in which an awake from Firepower could be extended through ISE to maintain a danger or malicious wind point off the community.

“So you are not only obstructing threats in the firewall, it is possible to really force the infected person into a quarantine zone or some sort of video proxy until the the threat is remediated, ” Harrell said.

While firewall and IPS devices were though of just two distinct technologies together with the Firepower NGFW that is no longer true.

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